Chairman Message

it is not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude.

- Sh.DevenderGupta

The word education is so vast and combination of so many facets of life that defining it is impossible. It includes total protection from the family and the actions based on their guidance in the nascent stages of life.
With the passage of time in one’s life, it takes different forms such as dedication towards gaining knowledge in school and college, development of hobbies, sports activities, interest in the outside world, success in the field one chooses, art of living with a companion and sharing, planning and living a happy life, bringing up good and healthy children, association of learned people and good friends, and the like.
In our school our aim is to expose your to the best environment for gaining knowledge and understanding under the guidance of competent teachers and superior facilities in terms of infrastructure. Apart from academics, your children are exposed to various sports facilities which help usdeveloping their mind, physical power, energy, team spirit, and sportsmanship.
APS was founded as a distinctive centre of learning. The school is totally committed to the cause of education and offers a broad curriculum stressing equally on academics, creative aspirations, individualistic and experimental approaches, co-curricular activities and sports. Our quest for excellence has transcended beyond the boundaries of routine academics