Winchester model 42 serial numbers date manufactured

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winchester model 42 serial numbers date manufactured 1. 410 3\" Price $2,000. There are many many web sites you can enter the serial to find out date of manufacture. 1949, serial number 81852, walnut stock with checkered pistol grip and handguard, blued-steel receiver and barrel, left **MIB Winchester Model 42 High Grade Shotgun. A lot of these guns were made in the 40,000 serial range, so there is a pretty good Winchester 410 Model 42 Serial #119594 is from Feb. net has a handy database for Winchester arms including lever-action rifles such as Model 1873, slide-action models such as the Model 61, bolt action rifles such as the Model 70, semi-automatics and shotguns. It features a single silver bead front sight on a barrel chambered for 3 inch shells and choked modified. 95. 1894. 00 Winchester’s Model 12 slide-action shotgun has won the praise of hunters, competitors and soldiers alike during the 90 years and nearly 2 million pieces made since its 1912 introduction. Please note that few A5 serial number records remain on units manufactured from 1903-1939. 5 Mar 2009 I have just traded into a Winchester 1894 30 WCF (30-30) dates 1943 and is a carbine. This year, it was 28. Serial numbers / dates of manufacture / production data, all markings, sights, ammo, take down assembly / dis-assembly, etc. My Model 42 410 was inherited from my father who inherited it from his father. All computers come with serial numbers. Winchester ~ Model 42 ~. The Model 42 410 also had a slimmer scaled down receiver. 410-ga. 1 Winchester Shotgun Barrels Model 1400, 1500, 140, 300, 12ga Auto slide arms $33. please view the photos to see the condition this 62 year old winchester model 70 bolt tag. The gun shows some bluing wear on the edges from being carried and also some minor rubs and scratch marks here and there on the receiver and on the barrel. Pump Shotgun This is for a pre '64 (1927 per serial numbers) Winchester model 12 - 12 gauge pump shotgun. Covers all 61 Models and variations. I can not seem to find a reliable source for winchester serial numbers. This book ranks near the top as one of the all-time favorite collector firearms. Model and Serial number decal is located on the housing. MODEL 70 CLASSIC. Mar 04, 2020 · The trigger was a bit smoother than on my 20-year-old Model 342 AirLight Ti, and at 10. the serial number Our database contains values of serial numbers through 729305 which ended in the years just after 1932. Johnson. Nov 11, 2013 · I agree with . *** No commercial manufacture from sometime in 1941/’42 until 1945, due to WWII production & retooling. These shotguns This is a nice example of a very early three digit serial number Winchester Model 21 shotgun manufactured circa 1930-31. Last Production year : 1963 . 32-20 WCF (W10924) $4,250. # start ser. 7132. One of my favorites is a 16 ga with serial number 960xxx so around 1950 manufacture. Serial Number: 796. model 42 I have a number of 42s and yes you can shoot 2 1/2" in it. 410 GA $2,850. After looking in two references, I could find no serial number-year made tables for Winchester Model 1300s. First,with the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 42 was made in the first year of production which was 1933. The firm sold the manufacturing rights for the carbine to the U. 410 - Ventilated rib - Skeet Choke [ Re: bcbz71 ] #15109509 08/04/20 With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 42 was made in the year 1939. 410 version was never produced; instead, a scaled-down version of the Model 12 known as the Model 42, directly derived from scaled drawings of the Model 12, was produced in . I guess that's how it You're going to need a stroke of luck (like military markings, which are rare) or else you'll need to date it by serial number. model. records on this model are incomplete. Update, Federal law required all firearms manufacturers to use serial numbers in 1968. Popularly named the Perfect Repeater at its introduction, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns over its 51-year high-rate production life. With the complete serial number, the date of manufacture can be determined. , 16 ga. Winchester 42 Skeet Grade . HISTORY OF SMITH & WESSONHorace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson formed a partnership in 1852 to manufacture a The . ". You can find the year a Winchester rifle was made by doing a database search free on the Internet. 2 - 1/2" . As mentioned the 16 ga. Posts: 924 Joined: Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:23 pm Date & Know your Winchester Model 70. The year of manufacture for serial number 145393 is 1961. Model/configuration – Model 42. A great all new Winchester line up hits the marketplace in 1933: the Model 63 Rimfire, the Model 64 lever-action centerfire and the Model 42 pump shotgun. Buy Winchester Model 101 20GA Ejector For Serial Numbers Above 206354 Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. This is a very popular firearm, that's been in near-continuous production for over a century. 7234. *10. Top. stags30's Profile; stags30's Website; Administrator. I would say with a serial number of44913 we would look at 1954-1955. I would just guess about 1965, 1966. . Looking for any help in finding year of a Winchester Model 70 Classic Featherweight model G233xx was made that I just bought. Your Winchester Mod 69A was in production from 1937 to 1963 so it was not required to have a serial number. Below is the download   1908 or 1911 manufacture date. These models can be used for direct replacements or for new construction projects in industries including hotel, healthcare, schools/universities, and modular designs. This book is a must have for the collector of md 42 Winchester. They have several purposes, one which makes your item identifiable to the manufacturer in case of defects or warranties, while it can also be used to track any lost or stolen goods. Actually Clint, mine also was in the 43-48 years until Bert H contacted me and said it was a 42. You can also determine your date of manufacture / production using our handy and easy to use serialization & Identification chart. Often physical 42 Mauser Werke (1937-1940 MAU of the bore (Examples: Colt AR 15 rifle, Winchester Model 70). 32-20 WCF caliber carbine. There is often Small ranges of blank records occur in the Warehouse records for most models. This serial number In order to purchase additional memory, hardware-specific accessories and replacement parts for your computer, you need to know your computer's model number. Pre-1899 Antique Model 42 Model 50 Model 59 Shotgun . Winchester Dates of Manufacture. By William While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on serial numbers and dates of manufacture are accurate, records on early production models such as the Auto-5 and Superposed shotguns were not included due to  re date of manufacture on a. Used, Excellent condition, Serial number starts with 163 which shows 1963-1964 year of manufacture. 4 million. 26 Inch Barrel. ** Large blocks of serial number were skipped through out production actual production was 731,862 guns. Read More What is the age of a Winchester model 9422m serial number f265395? Winchester 1866 . I'd hazard a model 42 but with a strong frame and remington serial numbers and production, the 63 date report of. this serial number is from a rifle made in 1953. 1200/273. Metal is near perfect wood 97-98%. Additional Information –. , Year Manufactured 1901, Extra Long Barrel, Half Round Half Octagon, SN:123122, Lever Action WINCHESTER RIFLES SERIALIZATION The following Winchester serial numbers at serial number G15000. Many products you have in your home have unique serial numbers printed on them. Manufacture year - 1935. 21 Dec 2005 This date code is different than the one already listed, as Marlin rimfire rifles ( other than the model 39 series) did not have a serial numbers until required to by Law after 1968. Sauer & Sohn Model 98K 1943 Production Rifle All Matched Numbers; Winchester Model 1917 Military Rifle In All Original Winchester As Issued Condition Jul 26, 2019 · Now for the mystery: The serial number is 1328xxx which puts it well past the 1942 production numbers that started at 1287469. There is consensus that the author, Ned Schwing, gives you the most accurate and complete book on the Model 42 ever written. 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge, &. 2010 * * Could be either model or have Years ser. Serial Number –155240. World's Largest Old Gun Catalog & Manual Reprinter. However, Marlin like Winchester in the early years may have done a few special orders that do not fit. What to know about the Winchester Model 42 shotgun: Introduced during the Great Depression, the Model 42 was produced until 1963. the above serial numbers are estimated from 1897 thru 1903 and again from 1949 thru 1957. The receivers of these Model 70s were machined from bar stock steel. Winchester Model 12 - Model 1912 Known as the "perfect repeater" when introduced in 1912, the Winchester model 12 was produced in numbers close to two million over a 51 year period. Enter the serial number of your Winchester Model 1873 in the box below: Winchester 1897 Shotgun - Manufacture Dates The following serial numbers were assigned at the end of the years shown below ( From Antique Firearm Network ): 1897 Versions and Changes The best way to identify a pre-1964 Model 70 Winchester rifles is the serial number and the fore-end screw to secure the barrel to the stock. The Browning A5s made by Remington had their own serial number sequence, prefaced with an A for 16-gauge, B for 12-gauge and C for 20-gauge. Model 70 rifles with serial numbers below 700,000 are the pre-1964 variety. There were over 720,000 Model 1873 Winchester 's manufactured . Model 23 (1978) double-barrel shougun Winchester SERIAL NUMBERS. Winchester Model 1897 / 97 Shotgun Parts. I also have a near mint 1952 Model 42 410 ga with the factory skeet rib. 1893. A. Winchester History - Hemingway's Gun Ernest Hemingway was not only a gifted author of many books, but also a steadfast outdoors man and hunter. It has been called "the Bible" on The Winchester Model 42. Winchester Early Model 42 Field Grade 410 Shotgun. The bore is bright and shiny, no rust or pitting. Well written. The serial number of my shotgun was 58,459, indicating 1946 was the date of manufacture. on the underside of receiver (forward end), should match ser. Winchester 1886 38-70 WCF Cal. Manufactured from 1933 to 1947, the Model 65 could be described as a successor to the Model 53, which itself was an improvement on the design of the famous Model 1892. Metal capped AAA fancy feather crotch stock, Winchester butt plate, deluxe checkering, marvelous scroll engraving with gold line boarder engraving, very few manufactured, collector quality 100% new and unfired condition, extremely rare gun. on bottom rear of Mag. Out of stock View Details Unlike most manufacturers, Savage chose not to mark their shotgun barrels with standard choke markings of Full, Modified, Improved Cylinder and Cylinder. Serial number 749730 would have been a post-WW-II gun. Winchester - Model 42 High Grade Limited Edition, Rare Serial Number 1, . If you ever have to contact a company regarding a product, one of the first things you'll need to do is provide the serial number of the item. Most production estimations of the Model 42 are around 160,000 which makes this shotgun with serial number "161537" a rare find. In order t The serial number on a television is a number that is unique to that particular TV set. [more like this] **Winchester Pre-War Model 42 Skeet Pump Shotgun. 9 A French Manufacture d'armes de Châtellerault Carabine de Cuirassier 49 Early examples include the German MG 34 and MG 42. was the least popular of the gages. Winchester Model 50 Serial Number Lookupinstmank > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) winchester model number lookupwinchester model 94 serial number lookupwinchester model 70 winchester model 12 serial number date of manufacture, winchester model 94 manufacture date by serial number, winchester model 70 date of manufacture by serial number, winchester serial number manufacture date, winchester model 42 serial numbers date manufactured, winchester 94 serial number manufacture date, winchester 1897 serial number There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. Buy Brick 22 Ammo For Sale And Winchester Model 42 Shotgun Serial Numbers Brick 22 Ammo For Sale And Winchester Model 42 Shotgun Serial Numbers Reviews : You wa Oct 22, 2014 · I have a Winchester Model 42 that I've had since 1971/2. no. This book would be invaluable for anyone wanting to verify the authenticity of any Model 42 and would further be of help for those wanting to know the history of this gun. In the early 1950's John E. The gun has a straight grip stock, After extensive research Jun 18, 2013 · Manufacturer/Trademark – Winchester. , solid rib. Serial numbers are visually displayed on desktop and laptops with a sticker. Winchester Model 101 (Olin Kodensha) Diamond Grade Trap Combo, Blue & Satin 32 & 34 Over / Under Shotgun, Token aOG: Notes: KODENSHA,TOCHIGI CITY JAPAN; MADE IN JAPAN AND IMPORTED Serial numbers for the 20- gauge, to date in 12, 20, 28 and . I was wondering if someone could ball park a manufacture date for me from the serial number or point me in the right direction. With this serial number, you can call Sig Sauer customer service and A serial number is a unique sequence of numbers and letters. 75. Date Also, please confirm the date of this gun (it would be helpful to know the first three digits of the serial number). Serial # 23562 This shotgun was manufactured in 1936, the fourth year of production. $6. 4 digit serial pops out 1933 manufacture on the Winchester lookup page. In 1972, Winchester resurrected Model 12 in its regular production line in 12-gauge only, with ventilated rib. I can not seem to locate the serial numbers starting with a letter purchased a winchester model 70 post 64. 3907. According to Winchester, the gun was built in 1946/1947. Blower/Vacs. The Vent Rib is positively an after market item (not original to the gun), and the gun was refinished after it was installed. 410 bore shells. Winchester model 42 410 1914. Tractor, Right Side. 9398. The Model ’97 was a solid shotgun with more than a million copies made during its 60-year production run. To the maximum extent possible, the dates of manufacture shown were obtained from the original Winchester Factory Polishing Room serialization records; otherwise estimates were made using multiple sources of information (e. When I checked the serial numbers listed in the Winchester book, my rifle is a " 1942" mfg. High wall, thin wall, and a later Schuetzen rifle from its last year of production (catalog # 79, 1914) with new style palm rest, new spur we shall make five sizes of barrels numbered from #1 to #5 and varying in weight. Value is dependent on many factors. I also shoot the 2" 410 shells that you can get from Gamebore. of America / Winchester Proof Steel”, “Winchester / Trade Mark”, “Model 42-410-3IN I was delighted to discover and join this active forum. Winchester | Answered on Jan 03, 2017 1 Answer **Winchester Pre-War Model 42 Skeet Pump Shotgun. 1866 Serial Numbers and Dates of Production 42. Read More. The 110 Series has a fresh look and a full complement of improvements. Every Sig Sauer gun has a serial number engraved on it. Blued Walnut. The first digit of the serial number is partially obscured, so we don't have a year of manufacture. The website oldguns. This old girl has a few scratches but her blue is deep an not 'worn'. Winchester Model 42 . It was the first pump gun designed for the . Custom engraved 1933 Vintage Model 42, serial number 2805. Retail prices may be 20% higher. The Model 1897 features the standard pistol grip, [more like this] *Winchester Model 12 12ga. 19. The serial number transition point from no letter to the letter “A” was in the 13800 Model 12 the Perfect Repeater; Model 12 In trap and skeet models; Model 12 Slide Action and Featherweight only 6 lbs. Capacity: Look for those elusive two digits in the model number (usually, but not always) divisible by 6 and divide by 12 to convert to tons. Add to cart. Google Winchester Model 12 serial numbers or date of manufacture. It was made in a number of grades and has started to gather some collector interest. On one website they listed the serial numbers and dates of manufacture. Features [more like this] Buy Winchester Model 101 20GA Ejector For Serial Numbers Above 206354 Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. Metal is ID # 7559 Make WINCHESTER Model 42 Configuration Pump Action Gauge / Caliber . Limited production run of 3,000 pistols, with special serial number from “1 of 3000” to “3000 that pistols with 1000 to 5000 model numbers were made after 1945. Oct 16, 2015 · The Gew 98 action was the final product of several years of development and earlier Mauser designs such as the Model 1889, 1893, and 1896 rifles. CRUFFLER. 44 Henry Rimfire. 1912: For your consideration is a Winchester Model 1897 Slide Action Shotgun. Serial numbers are the unique string of numbers and/or letters that are stamped on goods of value. He said he heard I collected the odd gun and he had one he wanted to sell. Also good historical references. This is Must Have info for ordering parts or stocks. See full list on guncollectionsonline. Quick Winchester Model 61. SN 35324. Click here for information about M1 1944 model. I got this from the original owner over 15 years ago and it's been sitting in my safe ever since. Mar 25, 2013 · Winchester Model 42 410 Shotgun Shooting a round of skeet or a squirrel out of a big oak tree with this little gun will bring back memories of the old days. Estimated Current Value: Winchester Model 61 . Winchester Model 1887 LONG ACTION SHOTGUN. Skip To Content (Press Enter) 1-800-238-8022 Winchester Model 42 pump action shotgun, . Oliver Fisher Winchester was born on November 30, 1810 in Boston, Massachusetts. Islandaire designs and manufactures a vast selection of thru-the-wall packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps (PTAC & PTHP). About 88,000 Model 25s were manufactured in this period. Serial No. Apr 01, 2014 · Marlin didn't want to put the name Winchester on it's rifles. MODEL 1885. 1933 First Year Winchester Model 42 410 shotgun. 1 product rating - The Winchester Model 42 Book by Ned Schwing Don "Duck" Combs Pump Shotgun . Model. Year 1939 40 41 42 1943 Jun 03, 2006 · I have a Model 42 that was my father's gun. They are included but in this one instance the copy is not clear. 26" barrel, F chokes, pistol grip stock with Winchester butt plate, 1947 manufacture, 99% bluing and wood, clean and tight gun which appears to have (read more) Gun #: 938583036 serial numbers assigned in chronological order. In his various books and publications containing the dates of manufacture and production totals for all Winchesters, Madis lists the first serial number for the (See pages 37 and 42 in THE WINCHESTER BOOK by Madis. 00 Serial # Click for 1953 manufacture. Both barrels have solid ribs and matching serial #’s. 1906. 00: Winchester 16 GA Shotgun - 12, 16 gauge, 28 inch full choke barrel, made in 1939. belive it to be manufactured around 1968. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. The Model 42 was directly derived from scaled drawings of the “Perfect Repeater” Model 12 (See a restored 1912 example here). Serial numbers are not duplicated and are logged by the television’s manufacturer. 410 ga. All variations,serial numbers,chokes,barrels,stocks,etc. The famous Winchester Model 1912 pump shotgun was designed by Winchester's Thomas C. Not sure if this is your gun, or what the value is. 1934. There is some wear to the bluing on the reciver and end of the barrel but overall it is in great shape. The old "between the wars" factory ledger ends for 12-gauge Model 11 and "Sportsman" on September 1, 1944, at serial number 716840. Despite the lower model number, this rifle is actually the direct successor to the Winchester Model 62 which was intended to compete with hammerless rifles produced by other companies, such as the Remington Model 12. The PR records were a necessary tool to keep track of serial number sequence and the inventory. Model 93: 1921 or 22 to 1935. net. Right side scroll engraved with marsh scene featuring four gold inlaid mallard ducks in flight. Today we’ve added to our showroom a restored Winchester Model 42 Trap from 1939. that have any factory options such as ventilated rib, or the light weight option or factory engraving. The model number is a unique alphanumeric, sometimes numeric, code used to identify the particular version/series of your computer. Schwing July 21, 1981-Present. Serial numbers are used to identify individual pieces of hardware and software. Feb 25, 2008 · A manufacture date of 1966 makes sense. Verify the information regarding the A-5. 1911. $200. The water table is The Model 1912 (shortened to Model 12 in 1919) was the next step from the Winchester Model 1897 hammer-fired shotgun, which in turn had evolved from the earlier Winchester Model 1893 shotgun. , . Note also the production date (1975) and serial number (SW03042), the latter stamped in part. Winchester Repeating Arms Co. A serial number is a unique, identifying number or group of numbers and letters assigned to an individual piece of hardware or software. The model 121 was manufactured between 1967 and 1973. 22 Short-chambered non-Gallery models. The model 42 was an exact scale replica of the Model 12 which was probably one of the strongest and best quality pump shotguns Manufactured in 1919, the first year of production. Oct 26, 2006 · I have a Winchester Model 42 . Magazine: Tubular . The title of this book is Winchester Model 42 and it was written by Ned Schwing. British Enfields Model 1917 Enfields BAR M-1 Carbines M-1 Rifles M 14 Springfield. SOLD FOR: $4,780. Hammer Plunger, Used Factory Original. Double check that serial number, it is not the correct format for a Winchester Model 52. It has a trigger that's smooth as glass and is very accurate. P. Date Codes" in this section. Dec 07, 2008 · I have a Winchester Model 42, 410 guage with 3" Full Chamber with a serial number of 116800. Model: Model 42 Takedown Serial Number: 86912 Year of Manufacture: 1950 Gauge: Bore 410, 2 ¾” and 3”Shells Action Type: Pump Action with 2/3 Length Tubular Magazine Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “Made In New Haven, Conn. 1903. In 1942 the book says Winchester made 29981 model 94's. Companies assign serial numbers to their products. Winchester model 12 20 guage pump shotgun. You need to look for some 'proof-markings,' likely along the left side of the barrel beneath where it says, 'Benelli Armi SPA Urbino Made in Italy. That's about as close as you are going to get. 26" Barrel Choked Full. Grumman maintenance manual. Browse all new and used Winchester Shotguns - Model 42 for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. U. Serial Number:85xxx (Full Details) Price: $1,995. Popularly named the Perfect Repeater A . 98%. . Order Sheets are available November 1938 production and later. Jan 20, 2008 · All Winchester Model 12 shotguns in 16 ga. Serial Number Application (SNA) ledgers detail the date on which serial numbers were applied. The Gew 98 proved to be a reliable weapon but it Descended from our original Model 1891, the Model 39 rimfire lever-action remains the oldest continuously produced cartridge rifle in the world. Lots of period Winchester advertisements. Serial # WFT113 Made in Japan. I have a winchester model 67 22 no serial number with Winchester Model 42 Engraved Shotgun, 410ga, 3in Chamber, 28in bbl. Salute Cannon 200 Series Double Rifle Model 500 XTR Shotgun Serial Number at Start of Year. Browning, in that it used a sliding Winchester Model 42 Shotgun, c. The Winchester Model 61 serial numbers are sequential, but exact serial numbers for certain years are. Retail prices may be 20% higher:. Large groups of serial numbers were skipped, so serial numbers reached 848,000. There are several ways to find out more information about your Winchester rifle or shotgun. Description [ edit ] This book is a must have for the collector of md 42 Winchester. 27696. ' One of these markings will have two letters enclosed in a box. The Winchester Model 1912 is an internal-hammer pump-action shotgun with an external tube magazine. size needed for ordering. Winchester Model 23 Shotgun History Serial 65 >>> DOWNLOAD winchester model 50 shotgun historywinchester model 101 shotgun historywinchester model 42 shotgun historywinchester model 21 shotgun historywinchester model 23 shotgun historywinchester super x model 1 shotgun historywinchester model 12 shotgun historywinchester model 42 410 shotgun historywinchester model 59 shotgun historywinchester The Winchester Model 61 is a pump action rifle previously manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms company. Here are Model 12 specifications, circa 1956: Gauges: 12, 16 and 20 (plus Model 42 in . not available . Serial **MIB Winchester Model 42 High Grade Shotgun. Serial number on this shotgun is 47xx. Action works perfectly. You are going to love it as I am sure you do already. 1949, serial Winchester Model 42 Shotgun, c. ) Lot #413: First Year Production Winchester Model 42 Slide Action Shotgun Lot #3011: Three Digit Serial Number Winchester Model 1894 Rifle in . 410. Premiums should be added for Gallery guns or for . Manufacturing of this model ceased in the year 2000. 10, Mag Cap $30. Jan 23, 2012 · Gauge rarity in increasing order is 12 ga. Order Sheet information is available for many Model 21s for an additional fee. 00: 0 $2,850. A As with all other types of firearms in the United States, shotguns must be engraved with a serial number by the manufacturer. The The closely related Model 42, designed by William Roemer, is a perfectly scaled-down Model 12 chambered for . Standard Patriot features include drop box magazines, recessed crowns, fluted barrels, spiral fluted bolt streamlined bolt handle, Weaver scope bases, patented Lightning Bolt Action LBA® user-adjustable trigger system. 500) Winchester this winchester pre-64 model 70 bolt tag is for rifle#259865. The oldest continuously manufactured bolt-action rifle in North America is now even better. Mint condition shotgun in scarce choke of modifield. Last year they took home 25 trophies. We only need the make, model, and serial number to look up your firearm. The serial #is 165249. Model 42's were manufactured from 1 (serial numbers ran from 1 to 160,013). Desirable skeet grade model 42 with solid rib barrel. 38 Military & Police, now known as the Model 10 revolver, has been in continuous production since 1899, and over six With 42 models in 121 variations, Smith & Wesson's Third Generation Semi- Automatics were the broadest handgun The . Early 'First Model' 1894 Sporting Rifle (through Serial #111453)* Excellent: Very Good: Good: Fair: Poor: $7000: $4000: $2000: $1250: $500 708259. pump shotgun, serial number 1738912, mahogany stock; permit, FFL or NICS background required. 410 gauge - that were manufactured for the Parker division of Reagent by Winchester in Japan [42] [63] Parker Brothers is one of the earliest mass-produced firearm manufacturers in the United States, and is known  Reprinted from the American Society of Arms Collectors Bulletin 57:42-52. Your Model 42 is a standard Field grade gun. All variations, serial numbers,chokes,barrels,stocks,etc. 3" chamber, modified choke, 13 3/4" LOP. A . Ammunition for . Model 42 Dates of Production. Manufacture year - 1963. Model 1932--Serial numbers were picked at random and large blocks were skipped so serial numbers will be found as high as 849,110. The take down feature is tight with no play. Model 21 records are incomplete. It was my grandfathers. You did not mention the caliber, but  2 Apr 2012 I just picked up an interesting Military marked Model 12 that I wanted to show the forum in hope that someone might tell me more Red stock pad looks original and is of Winchester manufacture. It was built pre 1962. I've read several other stories about 42's and their values. Apr 09, 2012 · Winchester Model 42 Skeetgun? to all, does anyone have a good idea of the value of an unmodified Model 42 Skeetgun, with solid rib in 90% condition? - it was made in 1937. The M1 carbine is modeled after the last production model that Inland manufactured in 1945 and features a type 3 bayonet lug / barrel band, adjustable rear sights, push button safety, round bolt, “low wood” walnut stock, and a 15–round magazine. I believe that it's an early '50s, but I can't find anywhere that has the info. Unfortunately, that is where the good news ends. Is marked “Skeet” and has a Cutts compensator. Value all Why are there letters before the serial number on my Winchester 94? 1,168 Views The Winchester Model 1894 was introduced in 1894. Book is nicely done - heavy coated paper, a good hard cover cloth binding. 0 out of 5 stars. Your Winchester Model "1894" serial number 373931 was manufactured very late in the year 1907. Contact Kirsten at [email protected] or 307-254-7072 to book your tour. casonet. Only 231 Trap Grade Model 42s were built by Winchester between 1933 and 1939. stags30. I suggest you contact Winchester and ask them. Fancy Walnut with fiddle back rifle stock made for Winchester Model 70 rifle. There are 3 Model Configurations with primarily serial numbers and the dust cover type separating those models. Winchester Model 59 with Win-Lite Barrel; Model 42 For family fun Field and Skeet Models; WIncheter Model 42 Deluxe and Model 37 Shotgun; Winchester Model 21; Custom Grade, Pigeon Grade and Grand American ($3. That is your date code. Year of Manufacture: May, 1933 ("The Winchester Model 42", Ned Schwing, P130) Gauge: Bore 410, 2 ¾” and 3”Shells. Ruger's good news for is the bad. 410 Bore Serial Number Range. Dropped from regular product line in 1963, but a special model was produced in the Custom Shop until 1979. The Winchester Model 101 12 gauge was manufactured after 1971, but no serialization records currently exist. nos. Total production was 731,852 guns. May 04, 2019 · Winchester Model 1894 32-40 Cal. WINCHESTER DATES OF MANUFACTURE. Re: WTS: Winchester Model 42 pump . When the workers at New Haven would stamp two guns with same serial number, they would either send it back to metal finishing and buff off the serial number or they would stamp an x after the serial number. It is a skeet model chambered for the . He told me what it was and I said "WOW". government for $886,000 and, eventually, a total of ten prime contractors ( including. Winchester Factory Records Available at the Cody Firearms Museum. The Winchester Model 12 is a pure TRUE classic. The Model 65 was the rarest of the 1892 family. Slide Action Rifles Model 1890. We do NOT sell GUNS. fri oct 23, outstanding astra model 900 pistol, chinese contract marked, mint new, with original matching stock, stunning! $ 6,250. A serial number is located in one of a few different areas and is important at the time of registering the television. I looked up the serial number and it is dated 1937. According to OldGuns. This extremely popular pump action shotgun saw action in World war I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam Wars and was used by the US Army, Navy and Marines. Do an online serial number search. As with many other firearms of the day, collector interest is highest for pre-World War II models. Estimated Total Production: 342,000 . The only thing I found lacking is clear instruction for field stripping. Make: Winchester Model: Model 42 Serial Number: 52149 Year of Manufacture: 1946 Gauge: . 41 - 41753 42 - 49206 43 - 49983 44 - 49997 45 - 50921 46 - 58382 47 - 75675 48 - 101680 49 - 131580 50 - 173150 WINCHESTER POCKET GUIDEWINCHESTER POCKET GUIDE r. 410 version was never produced; instead, a scaled-down version of the Model 12 known as the Model 42, directly derived from The majority of "modern" Model 12 shotguns manufactured after 1927 were chambered for 2¾-inch shotgun shells only,  7 Jun 2018 manufacture dates. 26" barrel, F chokes, pistol grip stock with Winchester butt plate, 1947 manufacture, 99% bluing and wood, clean and tight gun which appears to have (read more) Gun #: 938583036 Jan 13, 2013 · Winchester Model 42 . First Serial Number of Each Year. This serial number often prov As with all other types of firearms in the United States, shotguns must be engraved with a serial number by the manufacturer. *10 guns manufactured in early 1936 as part's clean up. COM. Because of that, there are very few 16 ga. The Model 42 was available in Field, Deluxe and Skeet models with 2-1/2" and 3" chambers. Manufacture year - 1954. Select models feature the AccuFit™ system, which lets you lock in a custom fit for fast target acquisition and enhanced accuracy. This is a first year 1933 early production number #2020 in very good condition for it’s age. free shipping. Manufactured in 1924. Item Number Barrel Length Finish/Stock Overall Length Average Weight MSRP; Uplander Field Shotgun 12-Gauge 2-3/4" and 3" 31140: 26″ A-Grade Satin Walnut: 42″ 7. 1938. It was a After the war, the factory was converted back to sporting arms production and the manufacture & sale of 94's resumed. These numbers help locate stolen cars and provide information for potential used car buyers. Serial number is 126256. 410 Slide Shotgun 28in w/3in 1950s Minty - . This shotgun was made in 1956, and features 20 LPI checkering on the stock and forend, featuringGrade 2/3 walnut. 2-3/4 inch chambers with extractors and choked full/modified. Photographs of this gun can be viewed at: I recently purchased my first S&W Revolver, a stainless Model 65-2. 410 gauge, 3" chamber, 28” barrel with bead sight. 410 (W10934) $3,250. Your's appears to be the Standard Grade. Please note that specific information may not be available, especially on older models. Sticky: Winchester Dates Of Manufacture (1 2) Winchester Model 52 Verses Springfield Model 1922 M1 (1 2 3) 42 PM by wwace. Determine the bolt style, floor plate assembly type & action size needed for ordering. Serial Number –114080. It is considered one The famous winchester model 37 16 of the shotgun date your gun looks perfectly normal for the 2-3/4 inch shells. g. Sig Sauer is a company headquartered in Exeter, New Hampshire, that manufactures a line of firearms. Not all serial numbers have records. Serial #59494. This reintroduced Model 12 was dropped in 1980. I could use some help with this model 42. 410 Gauge shotgun. for " Winchester serial numbers" and came up with a site where you enter the number and they tell you the date of manufacture. email winchester. 2250 273. We do NOT sell PARTS The serial number does NOT contain the date of manufacture on a Benelli (or any Italian-made firearm). These serial numbers may become necessary when calling technical support to get help with your computer. It also has a black packmyr decelerator pad and not the typical red. During the interim period between the cessation of production and the trial date, the use of Smokeless powders had begun to replace the Black   was sold to Winchester in 1874, but they never produced Robinson after that date . 12 Nov 2009 At about what serial number or date did Winchester begin drilling the receiver on the model 43 for scope I have a fairly late model 70 Winchester featherweight 7mm-08 that has a serial number of G303xxx. Year. It functions perfectly. The decal is located on the side of the housing; Tractors. This shotgun was manufactured the first year, 1933. Barrel is in good shape no dents inside bore looks good and wood is in great shape with no cracks. Other things have seri Every car manufactured in the United States and European Union has its own unique serial number, or a vehicle identification number (VIN). 270 WIN 28" OCT. The serial number identifies it as being manufactured in early September 1933. Enter the serial number of your Winchester Model 1906 in the box below: Oct 05, 2019 · What year was a Winchester model 42 410 serial number 112223 made? Winchester Model 43 Magazine Your winchester model 42 shotgun was made by winchester in 1954 with the serial number that you provided. Post subject: Re: Inherited a Winchester Model 42 and would like some info. 410 pump question once with the serial number of a old Rem 700 and they gave me month and year it was manufactured. They did not list the above serial # XXXXX had a seria … read more By reading this book I found the year my Model 42 was produced based on the serial number, the variations of wood, checkering, and barrel lengths and styles, plus choke options. 28” Full . Our sources disagree a bit, but this seems to be the best set of data. ), in which case the data was extrapolated to the best of our ability. 1953, so this might help narrow it down. _____ This old gal has everything you are looking for in a Model 42 (early model, ventilated rib, skeet choke). For your firearm, the following current values apply (from the Blue Book of Gun Values). 410 5. This would put the ending serial number at 1317450 assuming they didn't skip any numbers. The High Wall Schuetzen rifle was designed for seri- ous target shooting and was available with numerous ex-. Add to My Saved Parts Value Of Browning 12 Gauge Shotgun Model Goldhunter And Winchester Model 42 Shotg. 1902. Mar 22, 2018 - Classic Guns: Winchester Model 42 — “The Greatest Little Shotgun”. Example: RPGC-037JA = 3 ton Age: Four digits of serial number indicate date of manufacture where first two indicate the week and the third and fourth are the year. re: www. 1936. If your serial number does not return a result, please call Customer Service at: 229-235-4020 or 800-327-3776 Oct 30, 2020 · Winchester Model 42 complete used barrel assembly. 25 pounds on a Lyman digital scale, it was about 20 ounces lighter. Full solid rib, Custom engraved, jewel breech block, Exhibition grade walnut Bastogne stock, Manufactured 1945, Serial# 51353 Winchester Model 42 Shotgun, 410ga 3” Chamber 26” bbl, rare full solid rib, Excellent condition, manufactured 1948, Serial # 78380 Winchester Model 1897 In First Year Rare Solid Frame Pigeon Grade Shotgun; Winchester Early Model 42 Field Grade 410 Shotgun "CE" Coded J. 410 pump shotgun. Winchester Model 42, standard grade, 410 slide single barrel Description: Rare Winchester Model 42 skeet grade, 410 slide single barrel shotgun. With, for example, the BSA Model 15 or BSA Model 12/15 Martini-actioned rifles, the view mark should be visible both on   such as that of older revolvers in which manufacturers repeated serial numbers through a series of models. Dear Drew, Congratulations on getting a marvelous little gun. Winchester Shotgun Barrels Model 120, 1200, 1300, 200, 20ga Pump . 410 Bore GI#: 101476903 Custom Model 42 "Double Diamond Deluxe" Representation. February 17, 2008, 11:06 PM The serial number of a Model 10 is found on the bottom of the grip frame. Consider booking a Firearms Exclusive Tour while you wait for us to look up your firearm. Additional Information – plain barrel. It was produced from 1933-1963. The precise shipping date as "lettered" can be several years off depending on model. The next step in the process was the assembly and final fitting of the individual firearms. Feb 17, 2012 · I have a Winchester Shotgun Model #1897, 12 gauge. In total, there were 16,281 manufactured in the year 1933, but production did not begin until early May of that year. The Winnie Model 42 Slide Action was the first pump specifically designed for the . Blue finish. The best shotguns over its introduction, 12 shotguns for duck version of manufacture for winchester model 12 gauge. The stock is darker on the last 1/3 because of a recoil pad. L prefix Model 93 serial numbers were 1935 A notable date for the Winchester Model 62 occurs in 1940, when the bolt was changed and thus prompted Winchester to change the model to the Winchester Model 62A. WINCHESTER MODEL 1890. the serial number starts Ive got an old model 42 that shows alot of use but I just cant bring myself to refinish it. It is fitted with a 28 inch full choke round barrel. 12 Gauge Shotgun Model Goldhunter And Winchester Model 42 Shotgun Serial Numbers. Winchester Model 42: Covering numbers: 1 - 160013. Serial numbers have A, C,C suffix, and L. Winchester Model 12 Shotgun Appraisal- Find Value Price Date Winchester Model 42 Pump . , etc. Blowers / Vacs. This books publish date is Feb 01, 1990 and it has a suggested retail price of $34. Nov 08, 2013 · After looking in two references, I could find no serial number-year made tables for Winchester Model 1300s. Stock is for Series 2 round rear tang, & for for serial numbers below 700,00. Credit Card, Money Order, and Cashier's Check. 38-55 Lot #1561: Early Norwegian Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk Model 1912 Pistol View Sellers Items Description: Winchester Mod 42 slide action 410 skeet. 30-'06 and jhjimbo: The price of the used . Model/configuration –Model 42 Standard grade. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on “Search” to identify your model. I have run across model 12 in 20 & 28 ga. brandon12502, Federal law required handguns to have a serial number since the mid-1920's, however rifles and shotgun did not require a serial number until Jan 1, 1969. Year MODEL 74. , Year Manufactured 1907, Globe Front Sight, SN:430741, Lever Action 15. 00: Winchester . I emailed remington once with the serial number of a old Rem 700 and they gave me month and year it was manufactured. This shotgun was manufactured in 1933, the first year of manufacturer. 1929. 2 ¾” 1200. For the exact date on your gun request the letter from the S&W Historian. Winchester's Model 25 was a non-takedown version of their popular Model 12 shotgun that was offered from 1949 to 1954. presents. Values for **MIB Winchester Model 42 High Grade Shotgun. The Winchester Model 42 Book by Ned Schwing Don "Duck" Combs Pump Shotgun . Data is based on the best available information from the time but there is no guarantee that all serial number and year combinations are 100% accurate. Dates of Manufacture Model 42 you Nov 21, 2011 · Winchester's production of the Model 94 averaged about 35,000 units per year for the next (7) years (1936-1942 inclusive), and once again, Madis’ published numbers diverge from the PRSRB records. 18. the winchester model 21 shotgun – Most Final Inspection Reports are available from Serial Number 23 to 36373. The Model 12 was designed by Winchester engineer T. 410-bore shotgun (Model 12 variant) Model 50 (1954) semi-automatic shotgun; Model 59 (1960) semi-automatic shotgun; Model 101 (1963) over/under shotgun; Model numbers (shotguns) 1964-2006. 410-bore shotgun; Model 42 (1933) slide-action . High Wall Schuetzen Rifle. Firearm serial numbers were date coded by a prefix within the s/n, as signified below. Then the gun was called the Model 1897, with the serial numbers of the guns continuing from the 1893. 10771. Production began in late 1905 but was insignificant until January of 1906. 410 Bore, 2 1/2” Shells Action Type: Pump Action with Tubular Magazine Sep 25, 2014 · Manufacturer/Trademark –Winchester. Many were made so the value is not great, 200 to 400 dollars depending on condition. , made in 1950, 26 inch, modified. 410 to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Left side scroll engraved with woodland scene featuring two gold inlaid bird dogs, one on point with flushing grouse. Winchester Shotgun - 42, 410 ga. Estimated Value Range – see below. When collecting Model 12s, ser. 410 Stock: Semi-Pistol Grip Stock Comb: 1 1/2 Stock Heel: 2 5/16 Stock Cast: 0 Fore End: Skeet Extended Checkered LOP: 13 13/16 Rib: Simmons Weight: 6 lbs 4 oz Sights: Metal Bead Manufacture Date: 1963 Chokes Our database contains values of serial numbers through 720609 which ended the year 1923. 1919. 4 digit serial number. 00 In 99% mint new factory original condition, we have an extremely desirable and sought after Chinese Marked Astra Model 900 * WINCHESTER MODEL 42 SLIDE-ACTION SHOTGUN. S. They still  7 Sep 2011 As Jim mentioned, the serial number on the Model 1895 is near the end of the lower tang under the lever. •Possibly a M12 Trench gun- Serial number dates it to the last few trenches made. The serial number can be found on the left forward part of the receiver and will be a number up to 125,419. LSB#: 190930BS03 Make: Winchester Model: 42 Skeet Serial Number: 71266 Year of Manufacture: 1948 Gauge: . Winchester 1892 . and model 42's that had serial numbers attributed to the last year of production, all were skeet guns, Had the correct skeet wood and checkering, But had Simmons ribs. 410 GA Shotgun - 42, 410 gauge, 28 inch, full, plain barrel, made in 1949. The South Dakota brothers, Foster, 30, and Matt, 28, seem to amass an increasing number of titles at every year’s championships, and this 119th edition was no exception. 4 lbs. Military top. , 20 ga. Winchester made some cost-cutting measures in 1964 to reduce production costs in the hopes of remaining competitive on the market. 410 In 1919 Winchester abandoned numbering models by the year of introduction and assigned two-digit numbers, sequential beginning with 51 for rifles. Features a single bead sight, 2 1/2 inch chamber, and full choke. I have a 2006 model new haven Win Model 70 in 300 wsm that has the balck packmyr pad, but not sure when Winchester started putting these on model 70's. Lever Action Rifles. government arsenal production, the date of manufacture shall be included with the model, when. $449: Additional Specifications Dec 31, 2005 · Winchester Model 12 Serial Numbers. The Winchester Model 1200 Shotgun started manufacture in 1964 with serial number 100,000. In 1919 Winchester abandoned numbering models by the year of introduction and assigned two-digit numbers, sequential beginning with 51 for rifles. Mine looks pretty Winchester Model 1890 Short Rifle (Serial Manufactured in first model 'Take Down' gallery 1944 WINCHESTER Model 42 Standard, Skeet, Heavy Duck Gun, 97 Repeater Shotgun AD. 28281. Mounted on a smooth Schnabel tip forearm and pistol grip stock with a checkered Winchester hard rubber buttplate. 30-30 will depend on the condition of the bore and finish, the date of manufacture (which can be determined by serial number), and any accessorization. This hunting rifle featured a rotary breech block as well as a side ejection in conjunction with a free-floating barrel. I told him I only had $66 in my gun kitty, but he should take it downtown and he'd be able to get much more out of it. Winchester - Model 42, . The barrel length is 26 inches and has a Modified Choke. The shotgun is chambered to fire up to 3" shells. The first successful pump-action shotguns were introduced by Winchester in Image 3. Guns designed for less labor intensive manufacture, using stamped sheet metal parts, cast aluminum frames and impressed checkering High grade Limited Edition Model 12 and Model 42 shotguns were subsequently offered by USRAC from 1993 to 1995; these were made by Miroku in Japan. More than 409,000 Model 62 and 62A rifles were manufactured during their 26-year lifespan from SHOTGUN. The salesman said the trigger is so smooth because there is no safety bar in the mechanism. Apr 05, 2008 · I have a winchester model 1200 with serial number L1346xxx. Manufacture Dates. C. I could buy the book about Winchester 42s, but it's $25, and I don't want to know that bad. 410 chamber. 42-caliber single-action percussion revolver, with 6. 42. For example a Marlin model 39A with a serial number of N12478 would have been made in 1955 while a 1894 in 44 magnum with a serial number of 25105098, would have equated to 1975 Oct 05, 2019 · The Winchester model 43 was made from 1949 to 1957,with a totalproduction of 62,617 rifles. We have Winchester Model 70 Pre War, Winchester Model 70 Pre 64, Winchester Model 70 Pre 64 Featherweight, Winchester Model 70 Post 64. 410 Shotgun. The serial number is 957XX. BONUS: two like new additions: advertising for the Model 42, one in glossy color. This shotgun has a manufacture date of 1912. This is a very nice used M-42 manufactured, according to serial number, in the very early 1950s. Serial Number:827xxx (Full Details) Price: $595. 1890 1 - 113 Our database contains values of serial numbers through 5103248 which ended the year 1982. The new Browning/Winchester Model 42 reproductions can’t hold a candle to the originals. Estimated Value Range –see below. The top of the right barrel at the breech is marked with the model, maker, gauge and trade mark information and the two line address on the top left. The table below represents the serial numbers and production dates of Winchester Model 12 Shotguns: YEAR Serial Ending Quantity Looking for professional-quality Scandinavian appliances? ASKO makes high-performance dryers, washing machines and dishwashers, built to the highest standards. Pump for sale by Gulf Breeze Firearms on GunsAmerica - 976292134 Winchester Model 42 Pump Shotgun chambered in . Serial number 711652. What is the age and value of a Winchester 1894 serial number 65621? Winchester Model 1894 serial number 65621 was manufactured in the year 1899. 410ga. # end. A must-have for serious collectors and a must-shoot for lever-action enthusiasts the world over. I already had a Winchester Model 12 and an Ithaca Model 37, both in 12 bore, and was on the look out for a Model 97 and a Model 42 Winchester. The lowest number listed is 739617. Model 41 (1920) bolt-action single-shot . The Model 42 was produced by Winchester from 1933 until 1963. 38 Special ammunition loaded with bullets that will expand when fired from short barrels, we now have many more options than in years past. The company makes guns for law enforcement, military and commercial users. 410 Gauge, 3″ Action Type: Pump Action Shotgun Markings: The right side of the barrel is marked “Made In U. 38 Special Snubbies When it comes to . Remember that many different options were available directly from the Winchester factory, and you can find deluxe varieties in the 1873 that have checkered stocks and may have a pistol grip, shortened magazine and/or other added features. Older guns still in production had their model numbers truncated, e. Bid on Lot #922: First Year Production Winchester Model 42 Shotgun - Manufactured in 1933. Year manufactured. tube. They are  This is nothing new, and proof-house date marks from years past may still not indicate the rifle's date of manufacture. , plain barrel. Most of the bluing is worn off and wood is in okay shape with no cracks but does have scratches, etc. Please be aware, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided blow. George Madis, Ned Schwing, etc. Serialization breakdown by year of manufacture is provided under the "Model Serialization" section of this book. [Archive] Winchester model 42 questions The Dave McCracken Memorial Shotgun Forum. Shop for Low Price Winchester Model 42 Shotgun Serial Numbers And Youth Model Trap Shotguns . A basic field gun in original condition is usually full choke and 26" or 28" barrel length and certainly worth a grand. Serial number 1 thru 64,520 fall in the pre January 1 1899 serial number range These were manfactured in the following Calibers -22 Short,22 Long Oct 21, 2010 · Figureing that a good model 12 in similar cohdition is worth at least $500, Depending on the total number of model 42s made, yours should be worth close to double the price of the standard model 12 in good condition. This is a high grade model 42 pump action shotgun chambered for the . 410 bore. Your winchester model 42 shotgun was made by winchester in 1954 with the serial number that you provided. 25” octagonal barrel . Serial Number:75xxx On their web site the company provides precise charts showing date of manufacture of all of its models according to serial number. with a serial number 15525 am I able to get a manufacture date and possibly a review on quality and aquracy. The after market vented rib and refinish was completed by Simmons Gun Specialties, in MO a Winchesters subcontractor. Product #: 89750A Part Key: 42. It is a 1949 model 42-410 serial number 77880. 28" barrel with solid rib, skeet choke. Bead sights on the concave matte solid rib. the actual records are in existance from 1904 through 1949. Serial Number at Start of Year. The Model 1912 (shortened to Model 12 in 1919) was the next step from the Winchester Model 1897 hammer-fired shotgun, which in turn had evolved from the earlier Winchester Model 1893 shotgun. Thomas Crossley (TC) Johnson came to work at Winchester as a 23-year-old engineer in 1885. Designed by Winchester to utilize their expanded production facilities after World War I and marketed as a youth skeet gun. Misc top. 410 bore (Model 42), and 28 ga. Must book for any Winchester Model 61 aficionado. Serial Number – 17028. i have not yet had the chance to shoot it and would love to know what I can expect Your Model 43 rifle was manufactured in November of 1949. I purchased it from a member of my crew. barn found Colt 1902 Sporter Model: 42. Instead they chose to use a series of asterisk (*) marks as code to specify the choke constriction of a given barrel. Facts: First Production year : 1932 . Years ser. During the 4+ year production run, a number of design changes were made, and with them, Winchester changed the serial number marking to include an “A” above the serial number, and later a “B”. Johnson, and was based in part on the M1893/97 design by John M. <br> 30-30, 32-40, 32HPS, 38-55<br> Early serial numbers are located under the receiver just behind the forearm. 11. Number Produced. If you have a standard model 42 shotgun the value will be between 1,200-1,600 dollars based on your shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,and a good bore. The water table is Based on the information published by Ned Schwing in his reference book "The Winchester Model 42", your shotgun would have been manufactured in early May, 1933. Hi, Does anyone know about the model 42? The serial number is 94xxx which appears to be from 1914. serial numbers with the Model 1897 serial numbers. The following information is critical MUST HAVE knowledge when ordering parts or wood for your Winchester Model 70. The first letter of the date code represented the  Since they are still making the 94 you could submit the serial # to Winchester to determine the age. All I found was that the serial numbers for the Model 1300 did start out with the alpha characters LX but that the serial numbers are all higher that 0876. the Model 1912 shotgun became the Model 12. In 1949 Winchester resumed production at 1500001. It will be a 6-digit 42 Hammer Plunger Enlarge Image. 1933. Blue Book value: 98% - $1,500 95% - $1,400 90% - $1,250 80% - $1,050 70% - $950 Add 35% for Model 42 chambered for 2 1/2 inch Dec 12, 2017 · The Model 65 had a relatively short run in the time-span of Winchester lever-action rifles. Nov 16, 2013 · They used to sell a little short gun case to slide the two pieces into. com Manufacturer: Winchester Model: Mod 42 Skeet Serial Number: 161306 Chambers: 2 1/2" & 3 Condition: Mint Barrels: 28 Action: Pump Gauge:. Winchester) Since many carbine barrels were marked with the date of manufacture, some confusion has arisen among present day collectors view when the later model adjustable sights were installed during the The 12-42 indicates that. Winchester 534282226 1885 High Wall High Grade . Parsons conducted a thorough analysis of the Model ' 66 Winchester. Based on the serial number it was manufactured in 1937. 00 Gas piston $35. Made in 1936 with a rare ventilated rib 25" skeet barrel -- most Model 42s are plain barrel and full choke. For 1927-1944 year of manufacture date codes, see "Spanish Year Of MFG. Action Type: Pump Action with 2/3 Length Tubular Magazine. The Winchester Repeating Arms Company produced 164,801 Model 42s from 1933 through 1963. Model 40 Model 41 Model 42 Model 50 Model 59 SG 96 Expert Model Model 101 Model 370 Model 1200 Model 1300 XTR Ranger Pump Ranger Semi-Auto Shotgun-Rifle Combo Super X Model 1. Prices listed are for guns made pri­or to 1964 or with serial numbers below Sep 04, 2011 · Winchester did not manufacture and stamp serial numbers on Model 1894 receivers every single day, and there are instances were none were made for an entire month. Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year 1866 through the early 1990s. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. Browning, in that it used a sliding This is a nice example of a very early three digit serial number Winchester Model 21 shotgun manufactured circa 1930-31. Serial Numbers. Additionally all prior model 62s had a slide pump forearm that was 5 3/4" long, at that point the newer models switched to 8" long. 40 S&W cartridge was developed jointly with Winchester in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  Winchester. Standard grade, pistol grip stock. Makers Name Winchester . Henry Rifles Model 1866 Model 1873 Model 1876 Model 1885 Single Shot Model 42 Model 50 Model 59 Shotgun Mar 22, 2018 · A scaled-down version of Winchester’s classic Model 12 pump-action shotgun, the Model 42 was a sweet little scattergun that still holds value to collectors. I hope this helps. 22 caliber Pump Action Rifles Remington model 742 Woodsmaster The Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster is a semi-automatic rifle that was produced by Remington Arms from 1960 until 1980 in numbers around 1. Carbine has approximately 90-93% original blue. If you are looking for information about your car, there are many we A serial number is a unique numeric sequence that helps keep track of items. Features [more like this] Winchester 12 ga. Model/configuration –Model 42 Skeet grade. Description: This Winchester was produced in 1936. All Winchester firearms, including commemoratives, are collectible. 1912 There were a low number of Deluxe guns manufactured with pistol gtip stocks that were checkered with extra high  Second Model - Case hardened Frame, Standard Version PRODUCTION DATES - WINCHESTER MODEL 1890 1932--Serial numbers were picked at random and large blocks were skipped so serial numbers will be found as high as  pistol created in 1911 as the Colt 'Government Model' is still in military use today. 25: Aug 04, 2018 · The highest Model 12, excluding the Y Models, is 1,999,999; according to Dave Riffle. Appears to be a standard model, nothing fancy. The longest barrel length known on a Model 1873 is 37 inches . 1920. # end 1945-194819999Since 1968-1969 was a transition period in Browning 0001 1949-195471999 20000 1955-1959115286 72000 1960-1965222508 115287 1966-1971378548 222509 Firearm serial numbers were date coded by a prefix within the s/n, as signified below. Enter the serial number of your Winchester Model 1894/94 in the box below: I have just recently acquired a model 43 in 22 hornet. Winchester produced 9,398 in that first year,yours included. 00 1d 14h 45m Nov 11, 2019 · This change occurred at approximately serial number 98,000. All model 1873's manufactured after serial number 525923 are considered modern and are subject to all the BATF Federal guide lines including back ground checks. Later numbers are on the lower tang under the lever. S. net, the year of manufacture for Winchester Model 1912 serial number 466271 is 1927. , 4 years earlier than the In fact, his book has a notation which indicates that production stopped 11-20-42 and resumed 1-24-46. 32354. Dates of Production by Model for HOME Larry Sidener, a Winchester enthusiast who owns an impressive collection of Winchester memorabilia, opens up his Illinois home to Jason Gilbertson of Winches Sold firearms under the following models and who manufactured them. Winchester "Serial #/Mfg. Some guns like the Model 42 have over 100 plates! We were loaned a set of the original drawings by a generous collector in New Hampshire and reproduce manuals for Models 37, 42, 50, 61, 63, 69a, 70, 72, 75, 88, 94, 12 and 12 Featherweight, 1200, 1300. 12 WINCHESTER DATES OF MANUFACTURE. Sequential Model Numbers (Rifles) 1919-39. 00. Read on to find out more about museum, book and online resources. Manufacturer/Trademark – Winchester. The shotgun's serial number is 20194. , Serial #61032. I don't know Congrats, I have a bunch of pre 64 Model 94's. The year of manufacture for serial number 136712 is 1898. were made between 1912 and 1964. Winchester data shows that these serial numbers were assigned at the end of the calendar year; 1972. We have LONG AND SHORT ACTION. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a Remington 1903a3 made in 42 (by checking the receiver serial number). Manufacturing date: 1952. Your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed. Year Serial Number Range. oldguns. The PRSRB records end at serial number 1,352,066, which is listed as the last Model 94 serial number recorded on December 29th of 1945. The Winchester Model 1912 (also commonly known as the Model 12, or M12) is an internal-hammer pump-action shotgun with an external tube magazine. Additional articles records found to date give the exact number of Browning rifles that Bennett of the Model 1885 single shot rifle, with the following description: found under Serial #2500. 1945-194819999Since 1968-1969 was a transition period in Browning 0001 1949-195471999 20000 1955-1959115286 72000 1960-1965222508 115287 1966-1971378548 222509 1972-1977481401 378549 1978-1983576551 481402 1984-1987599999 576553 1988-1993602422 600000 1994602642 602423. Other Serial Number And Markings Links: | Marlin | Mauser Broomhandle (C-96) Nov 22, 2016 · ps standard grade, serial # 4XXXX, manufactured May/June 1941. 410 shotshell with 3" chamber. This gun has a full choke trap barrel and an additional skeet barrel. winchester model 42 serial numbers date manufactured

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